State Inspections - Coming Soon to Service First

Texas law requires that all vehicles pass an annual state inspection. Emissions testing may also be required. Service First in Spring, TX is a state-approved vehicle inspection station where unparalleled customer service is the rule, not the exception.

What Does Vehicle Inspection Involve?

Vehicle inspections ensure that all auto safety systems are working properly. A technician checks your brakes, steering and wheel assemblies, tires, exhaust system, exterior lights, horn, mirrors, seat belts, and windshield wipers. Some vehicles require emissions testing as well. A vehicle identification number (VIN) must be present somewhere on the automobile.

How Often Must A Vehicle Be Tested?

A state inspection is required every year with a 5-day grace period after the inspection sticker expires. Texas drivers must show proof of registration and insurance to obtain an inspection.

Why Service First?

We want your trust and your ongoing business, so we reward our employees based on your satisfaction rating. To make your visit more enjoyable, we proudly serve Starbucks coffee in the waiting room and maintain an indoor SoftPlayâ„¢ play area for kids. Service First is committed to customer service because we know that happy customers become repeat customers.

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What If I Fail A Safety Inspection?

Your technician can tell you what's required to pass the test. Retesting is free within 15 days. The best way to pass the inspection is to keep current with auto repairs and maintenance.

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